The Market X

What We Have to Offer

We offer our clients all the web site and mobile app features they need to earn their business profit. We custom-tailor solutions to our clients’ needs. Here’s some of what we offer. If there’s something you don’t see, don’t worry; our development team will work to fulfill your unique needs.


Responsive Websites Optimized for Mobile

Our websites are optimized for web and mobile so your customers will always get the best user experience no matter their device.


We give our clients’ sites a little razzamatazz to impress their customers while keeping their sites user-friendly. Animated text, logos, images, and more are options for our clients.

Impress with WordPress

We build our sites on WordPress, the most popular web design platform on the Internet, giving our sites maximum scalability & flexibility for customization while maintaining top notch security.

Third Party Integration

We integrate third party APIs with our clients’ sites so they don’t have to change their business workflow when working with us. If it has an API, we can connect it to your site.

High-Speed Browsing

Our sites are built with speed in mind. All content is optimized for quick loading times so your customers don’t have to wait to purchase your goods and services.


As your business grows, so will your site. Our sites are built with scalability in mind so your site will always have the best features to meet your business needs at any level.

Search Engine Optimization

All sites come with search engine optimization to ensure your site can be easily discovered on all popular search engines. We implement complex SEO strategies to make sure your site appears at the top of search results.

Unique Beautiful Designs

We carefully select the colors, fonts, layouts, and functionality according to your specific needs. Not sure how you want your site to look? Just tell us about your business and we’ll craft the perfect site for you.


We provide monthly detailed analytics reports to our clients regarding their site’s activity. Stay in the know about your customers, sales, site visits, and more.